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Goldman Sachs Interview:Queue | Set 1 (Introduction and Array Implementation)

Like Stack, Queue is a linear structure which follows a particular order in which the operations are performed. The order is First In First Out (FIFO).  A good example of queue is any queue of consumers for a resource where the consumer that came first is served first. The difference between

Goldman Sachs Interview:Count Possible Decodings of a given Digit Sequence

Let 1 represent ‘A’, 2 represents ‘B’, etc. Given a digit sequence, count the number of possible decodings of the given digit sequence. Examples: Input: digits[] = “121” Output: 3 // The possible decodings are “ABA”, “AU”, “LA” Input: digits[] = “1234” Output: 3 // The possible decodings are “ABCD”,

Goldman Sachs Interview:[] Exclusive Interview with Shweta, who got a job at Goldman Sachs

Armed with a B. Tech Degree in Information Technology from NITK, Shweta Shrivastava has secured herself a successful future in Goldman Sachs. Harnessing her skills through a plethora of projects and actively participating in various extra-curricular activities, Shweta built a strong resume. She worked as an intern for Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Interview:Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 33 (For Experienced)

Round 1: HackerRank Test – 90 min 1: Find the total lattice points on circumference of circle. Ref: 2: Question on Graph DFS (not exactly remember the question) Suggestion: Read the questions more than once if not clear. Note down the constraints. Don’t panic, stay calm. Enough time to

Goldman Sachs Interview:Find repeated character present first in a string

Given a string, find the repeated character present first in the string. (Not the first repeated character, found here.) Examples: Input : geeksforgeeks Output : g (mind that it will be g, not e.) Asked in: Goldman Sachs internship Recommended: Please try your approach on {IDE} first, before moving on

Goldman Sachs Interview:Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 36 (For Experienced)

I have interviewed with Goldmanc sachs in Nov-17. The process  is very slow as in my case first round was started in Sept-17 and last round ended in Nov-17. Round 1: First was the HackerRank Test. Two Coding questions, first easy ,second Medium to Hard Level. Note: I do not remember the

Goldman Sachs Interview:Generate permutations with only adjacent swaps allowed

Given a string on length N. You can swap only the adjacent elements and each element can be swapped atmost once. Find the no of permutations of the string that can be generated after performing the swaps as mentioned. Examples: Input : 12345 Output : 12345 12354 12435 13245 13254

Goldman Sachs Interview:Position of robot after given movements

Given a robot which can only move in four directions, UP(U), DOWN(D), LEFT(L), RIGHT(R). Given a string consisting of instructions to move. Output the co-ordinates of robot after the executing the instructions. Initial position of robot is at origin(0, 0). Examples: Input : move = “UDDLRL” Output : (-1, -1)

Goldman Sachs Interview:Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 15 (On-Campus for Internship)

Goldman Sachs Visited our campus a week back and this was the procedure. Round 1 : Online Round (90 minutes) Platform: HackerRank 15 MCQ Questions (tough if asked to solve in 30 minutes) 1 coding question . Question was pnc based. 17 were selected after this round. Round 2 :

Goldman Sachs Interview:Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 16 (For 2+ Years Experienced)

I had an interview recently with Goldman Sachs Bangalore for 2+ years Java Developer position. I got call from some consultancy and after my profile got shortlisted I got mail for HR for online test. Round 1: Online Test(Hacker Rank): 16 MCQs Java Question. 2 programs: 1. find number of