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London - Long Term Internship - Risk UK Operational Permanent Control Team

Long Term Internship

LONDON – LONG TERM INTERNSHIP – Risk UK Operational Permanent Control team


Business Overview


The RISK UK Operational Permanent Control team is a transversal team in charge of the permanent control framework for operational risk across the five principal RISK UK streams.

The principal activities of these RISK UK streams cover management of market risk, counterparty credit risk, liquidity risk, operational risk and risk reporting service solutions.

1. Upgrading the RISK UK Permanent Control Framework in anticipation of management and regulatory demands

- Collecting, analysing and reporting of statistical data on risk control indicators such as Service Level Agreements

- Preparation of management information, including senior control committee reporting

- Procedure management

- Participating in projects improving the permanent control framework, project communication and progress documents

- Analysis of real incidents to identify weaknesses in processes and/or control(s) , remedial actions and lessons learnt

- Owning, streamlining, automating, innovating, simplifying all of the above


2. Managing the RISK UK Business Continuity Plan

- Be the RISK UK Business Continuity Correspondent

- Participate in crisis management simulation exercises including cyber security

- Maintain the Business Impact Analysis harmoniously across RISK


3. Local tasks, global view

- Manage tasks to ensure consistency across the Lines of Business e.g. procedures management, audit points and Compliance training

- Participate in transversal projects such as BCBS 239, data quality governance, Record Retention policy compliance


The working environment.

The job is based in our head offices in London. Just west of The City and equidistant between the Eurostar terminal and the Heathrow Express train from Paddington.

We are a team of 4 with direct access to the RISK London Management Committee. We work in partnership with the risk managers. This is not a challenger audit-type role.

All asset classes and traded products are in scope, as are the controls used to support risk-aware decision making. We are both specialists and generalists.

Technical skills and qualification

We are looking for another smart creative to join our RISK UK Operational Permanent Control team

Someone who has technical knowledge, finance expertise and creativity in equal abundance

Someone who has a strong sense of control, especially as it applies to the financial risk management of an investment bank. Alternatively, someone who has a burning desire to learn about it on the job

Are you a numerically curious Master graduate with superior Microsoft Excel, VBA and PowerPoint skills? Python, Tableau or SharePoint skills in addition is a bonus

Can you run regular data tasks while improving the reports and workflows at the same time? Do you make things better every day?

Are you more than comfortable working in an English speaking, multicultural, multifaceted open plan office?

If this is you then we can offer a stimulating time as long term intern. In addition, RISK UK has a good track record of offering full-time roles to the outstanding long term interns.

Location: London

Duration: 6 months – 11 months

Start date: ASAP

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