2018 Huawei Recruitment of International Students in Shanghai

华为2019校园招聘-Huawei 2019 Campus Recruitment

From early morning of June 22nd 2018, many young international faces are showing up at the gate of Huawei Shanghai R&D center. They are all coming for the annual event of 2018 Huawei recruitment of international students.

Every half an hour from 8:00am, a group of international students would arrive at the recruitment site, under the guidance of our event staff. After the quick check-in, they will go through two rounds of interviews to get the official offer from Huawei. The first round is technical interview, during which students would discuss some professional topics with interviewers, depending on the positions that they applied before. And the second round is final interview, which focuses more on the comprehensive capability of students and the match with Huawei, in terms of value and culture.

Today,around 60 international students have come to this great event, competing for the valuable job offers. Those students, who distinguish from all the candidates will have the opportunity to work all over the world with Huawei. We will contact all the students about the final results of interviews by e-mail in the following weeks.

What’s more, the overall recruitment arrangement is highly evaluated by all the candidates, according to the results of interview experience survey. Andrea, an international student from Italy, commented that it was a special experience for himself as he not only had the opportunity to talk to industry experts, but got to know better about Huawei as well.

  Huawei is consistently trying to attract young international talents to run the world with us. In China, we host various events in different cities targeting at international students, such as campus talk and campus recruitment. If you are also eager to join in Huawei, highlight your attention on us from now on.