Morgan Stanley Event-2020 Technology Meet-and-Greet @ University of Pennsylvania,United States of America

2020-01-10 Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley

United States of America
Freshmen/1st Year , Sophomore/2nd Year, Junior/3rd Year (choose if you are in a 3 year program), Junior/3rd Year (choose if you are in a 4 year program), Senior/4th Year, Masters (non - MBA)

At Morgan Stanley, you don’t have to wait to make a difference. Come learn how we prepare you for a successful career working with cutting-edge technology in the financial services industry and how we put your skills to work.

If you’re an innovator and a problem solver, we invite you to meet members of Morgan Stanley’s global team to gain valuable information on the industry, as well as career advice and mentorship. This is a great opportunity to ask questions you may have about Morgan Stanley, Technology, or the industry in general.


Date: Thursday, February 27th 2020

Time: 12:00pm-3:00pm

Location: University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering, Levine Hall Lobby

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