Citi Event-Cambridge, An Evening with Citi Quants,Venue TBC,22-Oct-2018

Cambridge, An Evening with Citi Quants

Start Date & Time: 22-Oct-2018 07:30pm

End Date & Time: 22-Oct-2018 09:30pm

Venue Name: Venue TBC

Venue Address: Cambridge City Centre

Hosting School: University of Cambridge

Are you studying towards a Masters or PhD in a Mathematical discipline e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Aeronautical), Computer Science and Finance? Join us for an introduction to Citi’s Quantitative Analysis Programme…


The world of investment banking is becoming more mathematically complex every day. Whether it is constructing a compute-grid of GPGPUs, crafting a complex volatility derivative to meet the needs of a client, mining 100 terabytes of data to spot patterns within trade information or applying adjoint algorithmic differentiation to your exotic portfolio to calculate risk in a blink of an eye – these roles require highly intelligent, pragmatic, mathematically orientated graduates to drive the business forward.  So if you are looking for a career that makes the most of your academic studies and puts you at the forefront of the trading floor, consider our placement or full time opportunities within quants.


Here you will have the opportunity to be placed in different areas of the Markets business including:


Quantitative Analysis: Quantitative Analysts (or “Quants”) create, implement and manage the mathematical models that we use within Global Markets. This role can involve a significant amount of complex mathematics.


Exotics Trading: Exotics Traders price, trade and manage the risk associated with the most complex products within Global Markets. Traders on these desks need to have a detailed working knowledge of the models that they are using as well as an ability to understand sophisticated risk measures.


Structuring: Product Structurers work with traders and sales people in the more technical product areas to assist with addressing client needs and ensuring the Firm stays at the cutting-edge of new product development.


Join our evening presentation where representatives from our Quants team will explain more about what they do on a day-to-day basis, and how our programmes could be the right fit for you.

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