Credit Suisse 2019 Summer Internship Recruitment

Credit Suisse 2019 Summer Internship

Our Associate programs target talented people who are studying for or have an MBA or equivalent from a top business school and several years of work experience. You’ll work closely with talented senior managers who will share their expertise in solving some of the most interesting and complex business problems. You will benefit from on-the- job learning that complements your structured training and development program.
Our Quantitative Analyst and Associate programs target talented people with a genuine interest in finance and its applications. You’ll either have or will be studying for a Ph.D or a double masters in a quantitative field such as Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Operations Research, Economics, Actuarial Science and Quantitative Finance.

Location and Department Choices

You may apply to programs in up to two (2) different location and department combinations by clicking the add button below. The department choices below are determined by the location you select. If you do not see the departments that are of interest to you, please consider choosing an alternative location.

Keep in mind that all two applications must be submitted at the same time. If you don’t have time to complete the application now, you can return later to complete and submit the application.

Note: The order of your location and department choices below, will rank your first and second choices. Therefore, please select your most preferred choice first.

Click the Apply button below to start your application(s) to our Summer Internship programs. On the first page you will be able to view all available programs and apply by location and department.

** If you have previously registered for an event, or submitted an application to Credit Suisse in previous years, you mustuse the same email address/log-in for this application.  Multiple profiles are not permitted, and these applications will not be made available to the recruitment teams for consideration.  You will have the opportunity to update all your details before submitting your current applications.  **

Please also note:

  • If you’re new to our online application and event registration system you will be asked to register on the following page with an email address, otherwise you can log in to start or continue your application. Again it is critical you use the email address/log-in as per past applications, we do not accept secondary profiles.
  • Summer Internships are open to penultimate year students.  Final year or recent graduates should apply to off-cycle or Full Time positions.
  • Students studying towards MBAs should look to apply for our Summer Associate programs
  • The application takes about 15 minutes to complete. If you don’t have enough time now, you can start and return later to complete and submit the application.
  • You may only submit a maximum of two (2) applications across all divisions and regional offices, and they must be submitted at the same time. To help you select the opportunities that are the best fit for you, please see descriptions of our exciting Summer Internship roles here.
  • After you have submitted your application(s), you will not be able to amend your program preferences.

A leading wealth manager with strong investment banking capabilities.

Our strategy builds on Credit Suisse’s core strengths: its position as a leading wealth manager, its specialist investment banking capabilities and its strong presence in our home market of Switzerland. We seek to follow a balanced approach to wealth management, aiming to capitalize on both the large pool of wealth within mature markets as well as the significant growth in wealth in Asia Pacific and other emerging markets, while also serving key developed markets with an emphasis on Switzerland.

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