How to Write a Teacher Resume

Teaching is not just a rewarding and challenging profession, it’s a highly popular career path. Jobs are scarce and competition is fierce. So what can you do to stand out among from other applicants for teaching positions? Write a great resume. Here’s some tips for how to do it.

General Rules for a Teacher Resume

A resume is a list of a person’s accomplishments. In effect, the teacher resume is a marketing tool, so the resume writer wants to showcase his or her skills in the absolutely best light possible. Since a resume is meant to be brief and impactful, most of the information will be listed or bulleted. Very rarely should a resume writer include a complete sentence. However, these lists or sentence fragments should include concrete, active verbs.

A resume should be visually pleasing. Do not include any cutesy gimmicks, such as obscure fonts or graphics. Stick to generally accepted fonts, such as Times New Roman. A resume should be one page in length, if possible, but no longer than two pages, for ease of handling.

Preparing to Create Your Resume

Before sitting down to write the teacher resume, collect all necessary information like dates of past employment, education dates, lists of honors, details regarding professional associations, and lists of activities and relevant interests. Once you’ve completed your resume, be sure to proofread it carefully. Then, proofread it again.Typos or other careless errors can be costly because they make you seem careless, and make it easy for hiring managers to move on to the next candidate.

What You Should Include

Your resume should include a number of elements. Centered at the top, include your contact information, including mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address. Next, list all Educational Experience in reverse chronological order, most recent to least recent. Entries should include dates of attendance, name of the educational institution, and the degree earned or expected. For instance: “2008 – 2010 State University, MAT in Science Education.” In addition, document student teaching experience, including mentor, dates, schools, and all subjects taught. The teaching candidate should list any clubs or student activities advised during this time, any tutoring or other student support offered, and any committee meetings attended.

Follow this information with job experience, again using reverse chronological order. In these entries, include dates of employment, job title, and briefly list duties.v Then, include any honors and professional memberships below your job experience, and wrap up your resume with relevant activities and interests.