How to Write an Administrative Assistant Resume

Are you interested in landing a job as an administrative assistant? If so, then you’ll need to get started by learning how to write an administrative assistant resume. After all, like many careers and industries, administrative assistant resumes should follow a specific format to give you the best chances of standing out among other applicants. With a solid resume, you can improve the probability of being called in for an interview. Here are some helpful tips for when it comes time to write an administrative assistant resume for a potential new job in the field.

How to Write an Administrative Assistant Resume

You should get started by finding a professional resume template. This can be done online or using your computer’s built-in word processing software, if applicable. You resume template should be simple and streamlined; the use of difficult-to-read fonts or too many bold colors can be a turn-off to a potential employer. In general, for administrative assistant resumes, it is best to stick with a format that is simple and professional. Don’t use more than two different fonts or more than three different colors.

Include Relevant Professional Experience

If you’ve held administrative assistant jobs in the past, then you should include this towards the top of your resume, below your objective and contact information. While many people operate under the misconception that work experience must be listed in reverse chronological order, this isn’t the case these days. Instead, you should highlight your most pertinent job experience by placing your most relevant work experience towards the top under a header that reads “relevant professional experience” or something similar. From there, if you have held less relevant positions, you can include those in a separate section underneath entitled something like “other employment experience.”

Include Relevant Courses and School Work

Whether you have a college degree or not, there’s a good chance that you can use some of your previous high school or college classes to your advantage in applying for an administrative assistant position. For example, if you took a typing class in high school, you could include this under your education experience next to a sub-heading titled “relevant course work” or something similar. Other potentially relevant course work that could apply to an administrative assistant position include computer classes, software classes, billing and accounting courses, human resources classes, and any other course where you may have learned about the basics of running an office or working on a computer. Professional writing courses are especially helpful here, as administrative assistants are expected to do more writing these days than ever before.

Include Relevant Skills

There are many skills that are necessary to have in order to be successful as an administrative assistant. Aside from knowing how to use a computer and basic word processing software, you should also list relevant skills that many companies look for, such as updating databases, answering phones, multi-tasking, time management, planning and problem solving, management, and more.

Typically, this kind of information should be in a subheading towards the bottom of your resume, underneath your education and employment experience but before your references.

As you can see, there are many tips that you should keep in mind as you write an administrative assistant resume. By incorporating this advice to your own resume, you’ll have a better chance of landing the job.