Citi VP Model Inventory Design and Data Quality,2019-07-15

2019-07-15 Citi Citi

VP Model Inventory Design and Data Quality

Employee Status: emea
  • Primary Location: Poland,Mazowieckie,Warsaw
  • Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Job Function: Risk Management
  • Schedule: Full-time
  • Shift: Day Job
  • Employee Status: Regular
  • Travel Time: No
  • Job ID: 19033631


Model risk refers to the possibility of a financial loss, incorrect business decisions, misstatement of external financial disclosures, or damage to the company’s reputation as a result of errors in model design (data, theory, assumptions, and interpretation), errors in implementation/execution, and misapplication of model uses or unnoticed deteriorating performance. As any other financial institution, Citi relies heavily on financial and economic models for various applications (risk management, valuation, financial / regulatory reporting, customer targeting, among others).  The level of sophistication of models used ranges from spreadsheet tools to complex statistical models implemented in various systems.

Citi centralized all the core processes related to model governance in a system called iMRMS. The objective of the position is to support iMRMS enhancements, train users, perform data quality corrections, establish and execute processes to maintain information up to date.  The position sits with the MRM Data quality team, which is a subgroup of the MRM Inventory team.

The key responsibilities of the position involve: data processing by combining different tables where relations may be 1:1 or 1:many, parsing out text fields that contain multiple attributes, creating summary reports of impacts, storing systematically and orderly evidence that support the data corrections performed, programming rules, analyzing data and liaisng with multiple users to gather missing information. 

The job offers a unique opportunity to have a firm wide perspective of the models used at Citi, interact with multiple users that range from model sponsors across all businesses and functions, model developers, technology developers, model validators, model governance and model attestation coordinators. Model Risk Managemen is a key area of regulatory focus. 


The role requires the following skills:
  • Proficiency in Excel (VBA), SQL/ programming
  • High analytical skills and detailed oriented
  • Good communication skills, attention to detail combined with the ability to synthetize for high level communication.
  • Ability to breakdown high level actions into concrete tasks, identify dependencies, decision points, opportunities for streamlining, etc.
  • Collaboration skills: works a team player, seeking to engage with others to achieve results
  • Practical decision maker focused on execution: Ability to recognize what the end-state should be, but to execute smaller steps in order to materialize results quickly
  • Thrive in uncertainty and ability to handle multiple projects concurrently

The job requires the following qualifications:
  • Academic: degree in mathematics, engineering, computer science or similar
  • Professional: Famliarity with O&T developing cycle as well as with model life cycle

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