L.E.K.Consulting Wroclaw office – 2019 – Internship (2 – 3 months),Wroclaw,Closing Date:2019-10-15

2019-08-07 L.E.K. L.E.K.


About us

L.E.K. Consulting is a global strategy consulting firm that uses deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to help business leaders achieve practical results with real impact. We are uncompromising in our approach to helping clients consistently make better decisions, deliver improved business performance and create greater shareholder returns.The firm advises and supports global companies that are leaders in their industries – including the largest private and public sector organizations, private equity firms and emerging entrepreneurial businesses. We are experts across a wide range of sectors, including life sciences and healthcare, retail and consumer, energy, aviation, defence, industrials and automotive.

Founded in London in 1983, L.E.K. currently employs more than 1,400 staff across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

What we are looking for

In addition to academic achievement, we are looking for a sense of intellectual curiosity that will inspire you to develop a deep understanding of any client situation, and to generate innovative answers to complex questions. We want people with the ability to think in logical, structured ways, together with the creativity to look beyond the obvious. We recruit from a wide range of disciplines in both the arts and sciences, and do not require existing technical skills – just a strong desire to learn.  

Who we are looking for

We are currently seeking exceptional and committed individuals with excellent grades and the ability to solve complex problems in a creative way.

Our people work together in teams, so we look for those who can collaborate and communicate well. We look for those who will make an impact by being proactive and taking ownership of their work with energy and enthusiasm. We believe the training, the work experience and the people you will work with on our internship programme, provide an excellent start to a career in strategy consulting.
Starting Dates

We offer internship positions throughout the year. The minimum length of an internship is 8 weeks. Please indicate your availability in your application.

Application Process

Applicants stating 'fluency' in a language will have this assessed during the recruitment process. Please note that fluency in English is a requirement for working at L.E.K. and fluency in German, French or Spanish is strongly preferred.  

Please ensure that you include a cover letter, CV, a grade transcript and relevant references in your application.


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