UOUTLOOK International Education Summer Camp Interns in Shanghai 2020


UOUTLOOK International Education Summer Camp Interns in Shanghai 2020
Our company is UOUTLOOK International Education, a summer camp company in China. The development of China in recent years has been witnessed by all over the world, and the overseas activities of Chinese teenagers in summer (winter) have been increasingly valued and welcomed by Chinese parents. Our company hopes to have the opportunity to cooperate with your organization for win-win results. For every intern, we offer free transportation to the camp, free meals and accommodation, 1000 RMB/week and insurance. We can assure that every intern will gain a two-month visa to China and furthermore, if they can go through customs in Hongkong or Shenzhen, their visas can be prolonged to three months. Moreover, we can send in invitation to you to help you apply your visa easier. The following is an introduction to our company and a demonstration of our volunteer activities. 
【Looking for Survival Courses Coach for Camp UOUTLOOK】
Description about Camp UOUTLOOK 
With nearly 70 years of history, Camp Kennybrook is one of the most prominent traditional camps in NY,The United States. Camp Uoutlook has partnered with Camp Kennybrook to open up its first American style camp right here in China since 2017. The common return rate of campers in the United States is 70%, while Camp Kennybrook’s return rate is up to 85%. The students from China love camp just as much their counterparts in America and have developed the mentality of living 10 months for 2. Two generations of traditions, hard-work and dedication made Camp Kennybrook a top tier camp that campers year after year look forward to go to. Kennybrook prides itself in the training that it offers to their staff and make sure that everyone that works for the camp is qualified. The Landman’s dedication to excellence stands above the rest. Finally, in the year of 2017, the core team of Camp Kennybrook decided to build Camp Uoutlook as the division of Camp Kennybrook in China. At the same time, Camp Uoutlook is also the first branch of American camp outside the United States. Camp Kennybrook brought its core courses and ideas to China to present an American-style camp to the kids in China. 
Position 1:(Need at least 3 candidates) Survival/wildness coach 
Job description: 
1.Teach the Chinese campers outdoor survival/wildness skills; 
2.Teach the Chinese campers knit, how to make fire outside, how to set up the tent and collect the tent, how to clean the water; 
3.Teach the campers first aid skills; 
4.Teach the campers how to self-protect while they are alone outside. 
5.Other boy scouts skills; 
1.Familiar with the outdoor survival courses; 
2.Studied in the boy scout and know all the basic skills; 
3.Love the kids and enjoy teaching them; 
4.With background on kids’ education; 
5.Can start on June 26,2020; 
6.Native English speaker; 
Position 2:(Need 2 candidates) Swimming coach 
Job description: 
1.Teach the campers how to swim; 
2.Teach the campers cannoning; 
3.Join other activities in the camp; 
1.Familiar with the water program in the camp; 
2.Love the kids and enjoy teaching them; 
3.Can start on June 26,2020; 
4.Native English speaker; 
1.Free meals and accommodation; 
3.Free transportation to the camp; 
4.Length of the internship: 4 weeks at least 
Salary: RMB 1,000yuan per week 
Documents required: 
1.Candidates' resume 
2.A self-introduction about candidates and why do they want to join us.
As soon the candidates pass the interview, we will sign the internship agreement and assist the candidates to apply for the visa to China. The promotional video can be seen via the following link and photos of our past summer camps can be seen in the attachment. https://pan.baidu.com/s/1wqCBfnCJ6nP2wi3FhCf6iA 
Also, some of our photos have been attached in the email. If there are other organizations or companies in charge of overseas volunteer organizations, you can recommend and forward this email to this company. Thank you very much for your assistance. email address: shen@uoutlook.com

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