L.E.K.Consulting Seoul Office - March 2020 start - Associate (entry level position),Seoul,Closing Date:2019-10-09

2019-10-04 L.E.K. L.E.K.


L.E.K. Consulting

Founded in 1983, L.E.K. is one of the best consulting firms in the world – by almost any measure. Our teams consistently produce results that exceed client expectations.

As a global management consulting firm with more than 1,400 professionals located across five continents, our worldwide presence positions us for continued growth.

Client come to us not just once but time and again because we have proven to be an insightful expert and trusted partner. Our people are the best and the brightest, driven by three common qualities: expertise, drive and dedication.


The Associate Position

Joining L.E.K. as an Associate will enable you to develop a world-class foundation in commercial problem-solving as you address the issues that face today’s business leaders.

A wide variety of projects will give you experience of all aspects of commercial activity, from strategy to finance, and marketing to operations, across a diverse range of industries. Supported by industry-leading training, you will quickly develop a highly valuable commercial skill set in a collaborative and rewarding team-based environment.

Regular, direct exposure to senior team members allows you access to the expertise of those regarded as leaders in their fields. As you progress you will take on a significant level of responsibility and build your leadership skills.


What we are looking for

In addition to academic achievement, we are looking for a sense of intellectual curiosity that will inspire you to develop a deep understanding of any client situation, and to generate innovative answers to complex questions.

We want people with the ability to think in logical, structured ways, together with the creativity to look beyond the obvious. We recruit from a wide range of disciplines in both the arts and sciences, and do not require existing technical skills – just a strong desire to learn.

Our people work together in teams, so we look for those who can collaborate and communicate well. We look for those who will make an impact by being proactive and taking ownership of their work with energy and enthusiasm.


Recruiting process

Initial selection based on your PDF documents (English CV + Personal Essay).

Please upload personal essay PDF under Cover Letter.

Essay will the answer the following 2 questions.

1. WHY L.E.K. ? = in English

2. If you are able to transform yourself into anything without boundaries, what would that be and why? = in Korean

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