ExxonMobil Electrical Engineer,Bangalore,KA,IN

2020-11-04 ExxonMobil ExxonMobil

Electrical Engineer


Bangalore, KA, IN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities:

• Support development and execution of centralized engineering services for existing upstream production operating units and new upstream capital projects to maintain safety, availability, and reliability of electrical systems while optimizing cost
• Develop and execute electrical surveillance programs:
o collect data using Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or other available data sources
o analyze maintenance records to determine electrical equipment failure rates, availability/reliability calculations, bad actor/failure modes identification, and program effectiveness/cost analysis
o review and examine electrical equipment test records and results that may include, but is not limited to, transformer oil analysis, cable integrity testing, equipment thermography, and electric motor integrity
o collect and trend electrical equipment data against company and industry standards
o support development of electrical surveillance program to prevent premature failure of equipment
• Conduct criticality assessment and develop equipment strategies / maintenance plans for electrical systems, taking into consideration industry standards, regulatory requirements, and manufacturer recommendations
• Execute electrical life cycle management programs which include electrical equipment inventory, obsolescence plans, managing spare parts, and upgrade / replacement planning
• Support electrical system maintenance and test planning, software upgrades, ESD testing, offline and online testing, and coordination of activities with/without plant shutdowns
• Provide electrical engineering aid (e.g. during turnarounds) to global production units
• Develop power system forecast periodically and provide recommendations to resolve/identify any power system capacity restraints within existing facilities
• Review, evaluate and update electrical one-lines, schematics, and wiring diagrams
• Conduct load flow, short circuit, harmonic, grounding and arc-flash studies
• Travel to production affiliate locations for onsite support or rollout of global support initiatives

Job Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree from recognized university in Electrical Engineering
• Five to 12 years of experience in oil & gas production, refining, or petrochemical industry
• Experience in instrumentation and controls commissioning, operations and/ or maintenance in the oil and gas industry
• Understands risk management processes and tools for oil and gas industry applications and hands on experience in applying such processes and tools is preferred
• Experience in selection, application and data sheet specification of hardware such as substations, transformers, switchgear, protective relays, motor control centers, variable speed drives, motors, power cables, and generators
• Experience with use of existing modeling software tools (e.g. SKM Power Tools, ETAP)
• Experience and knowledge in the following areas:
o electrical safety analysis and design
o hazardous area compliance
o power generation, system analysis, and protection
o power cable/line wiring methods and material selection
o principles of shielding and grounding for power lines and cables
o determining adequacy of equipment ratings/selection (e.g. withstand, interrupting, latching, Basic Insulation Level)
o bus transfer schemes that includes Automatic Transfer Scheme, fast transfer, and residual voltage transfer
o design and operation of battery back-up / UPS systems
o motor starting methods (e.g. soft start, variable speed)
o regulatory requirements
• Knowledge of and application experience with industry codes and standards (e.g. API RP-500/505, IEEE 841, and IEEE 1566)
• Proficient in data collection and analysis with common database and software data analysis tools such as SAP, Analytics for Excel and Tableau
• Strong verbal and written communication skills in English

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