L.E.K.Consulting Wroclaw Office - Associate Consultant (2 years of experience),Wroclaw,Closing Date:2021-03-01

2021-02-02 L.E.K. L.E.K.


Associate Consultant role

 They will be in charge of the modelling and the management of an autonomous module.

L.E.K.’s Associate Consultant role offers exposure to multiple industry sectors and a wide variety of commercial challenges. The nature and pace of L.E.K.’s strategic work facilitates the rapid development of a highly analytical skill-set, which is underpinned by a structured training program. Together, these elements provide exceptional preparation for any future opportunity in graduate school, industry, non-profit organizations or investment firms.

Associate Consultants are crucial to the success of L.E.K. project teams. They will be in charge of the modelling and the management of an autonomous module and perform the first stage of in-depth strategic and financial analysis. This enables the team as a whole to evaluate trends, develop conclusions, and prepare practical recommendations. Associates Consultant are assuming an active managerial role.


Developing your Skills

 Working as an Associate Consultant at L.E.K. provides you with the opportunity to gain a comprehensive foundation in decision making. From strategy to finance, marketing to operations, Associate Consultants are involved in all aspects of strategic and financial analysis across a diverse set of industries. Our people are exposed to a wider range of industries and types of problems, which means their learning curve develops more rapidly compared to the Consultancy peer group. As a firm of strategy experts, not industry experts, staff are allocated to a wide range of projects. The result is that our professionals are continually exposed to new industries and new challenges. There is no better or faster way to develop strategy consulting and business leadership skills.

Training and Development

 We operate a very comprehensive training program with continuous monthly training sessions, which are tailored to the needs of your position. L.E.K’s training covers the full range of technical, analytical, strategy, communication, project management & relationship building skills. L.E.K. is extremely committed to the training and development of all employees.

The ideal candidate

We are currently recruiting for Associate Consultant positions for our Wroclaw office. We are looking for motivated, creative and persevering applicants, with strong analytical skills, a fully developed quantitative mind and able to work in team. Being fluent in English is required. Moreover, mastering of another European language is an additional asset.


Start date
Start date for this position is by agreement.


Application Process

After completing the online application process, selected candidates will be contacted by our Recruitment Team and invited to a series of interviews. Applicants stating 'fluency' in a language will have this assessed during the recruitment process

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