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2021-08-12 L.E.K. L.E.K.


Who We Are:

We offer PhDs and MDs the unique position of Life Science Specialist (LSS). As an LSS, you gain comprehensive training that integrates science, business and economics to prepare you for strategic leadership in the healthcare and life sciences industry. You will not only be a technical expert, but also a business expert, developing cutting-edge strategic and managerial skills that provide a strong foundation for a career at L.E.K.  

Life Science Specialists work collaboratively with peers and senior leadership to define initial hypotheses, direct and control research and analytical work, and produce fact-based and analytically robust conclusions.

While casework needs will vary every day, your role will involve:

  • Conducting primary and secondary research on markets, competitors and customers
  • Applying your technical and scientific expertise to client issues
  • Performing rigorous analysis to pinpoint appropriate, practical recommendations for your clients
  • Collaborating with team members to transform research and analysis into thoughtful insights that deliver maximum impact for your clients


What We Offer:

Our people give only their very best. To make this possible, new employees receive extensive training, support and mentoring from our Partners and are encouraged to bring initiative and outside-the-box thinking to each engagement. They learn to approach each project with an open mind, apply sophisticated analysis, and let the data lead them and their teams to the insights and solutions that offer the greatest benefit for our clients.

A career at L.E.K. involves exposure to a wide range of industries, and opportunities to provide strategy, finance, marketing and sales, operations, organization, and transaction consulting to many of the world's foremost companies and organizations. Working at L.E.K. also means working alongside the brightest and highest achieving people, helping our clients ask the difficult questions and make the important decisions - together.

Training and Development

When you join L.E.K., you take the first step towards accelerating your career as a business leader. We invest heavily in the Career Development of every consulting professional at L.E.K. and give frequent, individual feedback.

  • Quality of Professional Experience
  • Variety of Work
  • Immediate Responsibility
  • Partner Interface
  • Training
  • Mentor Program
  • MBA Sponsorship

The professional experience, training and mentoring we offer to our consulting professionals create a spring board to advancement and partner status, as well as other future endeavors.

International Opportunities

L.E.K. Consulting operates as a unified global firm and we encourage our consulting professionals to work with clients in other parts of the world, addressing strategic international business issues. There are three types of international opportunities:

  • Multi-office case teams which require extensive cross-office interaction and provide exposure to multi-national business dynamics
  • Internationally staffed teams involving on-site client work
  • International office exchanges – SWAP program

Who We Are Looking For:

  • Strong problem-solving skill
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • Initiative and commitment
  • Good communication skills
  • Fluency in English and Chinese
  • Target students - Graduate before September 2022
  • PhD / MD candidate with major in Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology and other healthcare / life science related

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